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About us

Dr. S. P. Sharma is basically an engineer from IIT Roorkee. He has worked in an engineering industry for 36 years. During his service period , he has devoted his free time for the benefit to human kind. He has done research on human body and found alternative treatments for various diseases. He has written a book on Longevity thru Biochemic Medicine, which is available for purchase on The book gives an alternative methods of diagnosis of various human diseases on Engineering model.


He has also written books for children "Hum Honge Kamyab" in Hindi and "How To Top The Crowd" in English, just to give an idea to children as to what are the ways and means they can use to study and excel in their studies. He himself was born in a very poor agriculture family and always excelled in studies to reach IIT Roorkee straight, without any coaching facility available in the village. 


In 1993, he was diagnosed with a serious & life threatening ailment for which doctors advised operation, but due to his determination, he could find natural treatment for his own ailment and treated himself with alternative medicine. Then on he has started further studies through open schools of alternative medicine and could treat many patients through alternative medicine, magnet therapy and naturopathy. 


Dr. Sharma wishes to serve the society by engaging old age people actively in service of the society utilizing their experience. The move shall also provide an alternate engagement to the old age people keeping them free to choose their time & duration of engagement just to the benifit to body health, so that their body remains active and they get a feeling of involvement to beat the loneliness of old age.