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Ageing Reversal




The Principle of Aging Reversal: So far we have been considering phenomena of ageing of human body as basically due to design life of various parts of the body. The Ageing may be fast due to over use and misuse of the body machine. Normally after the age of 40 years the body starts showing symptoms of ageing. The best indicator of body parts' condition is the full blood parameters. The normal blood parameters range is just an indicator, the benchmark value of  various blood indicators are to be taken as six sigma range, i.e. almost middle value. If we maintain the blood indicators around six sigma range, our body parts can always keep working at the optimum level and the ageing may be delayed. Now the modern research on human body indicates that all the tissue cells are being manufactured in the bone marrow to replace all worn out or dead cells in the body. In such a case all the organs are under constant repairing process with the addition of new cells. It means that the body organs can remain in fully active mode as long as there is availability of fresh cells to keep it new. The biomedical research also indicates the indefinite continuity of human body as long as all the organs continue to perform at optimum level. The estimates of ageing reversal show that the human body may be kept alive and healthy up to as much as 400 years, as some of the Hindu Saints have also lived in the past. Following methods can be used to regenerate various organs and delay ageing:


Underload Liver: Liver is the chemical factory of the body which supplies Biles for digestion, Iron for maintaing Blood oxygen carrying capacity and controls other metabolic activities. If a person takes more of alcohol or oily foods, the liver has to over work to process the input. In such a case the liver starts showing ageing symptoms such as low appetite, vomitting, heavy weight, tiredness, lack of alertness etc. The best cure for revival of liver is to underload it with input of lower quantity of food, lesser oil intake, zero alcohol, etc. The liver has auto recovery system and after some time it will pick up its activity again.  


Underload Heart: Human heart is also having auto recovery system. Therefore the heart may be underloaded to reverse ageing of heart as a part. The more the body weight, the more heart load to supply blood to each part. If there has been any damage to heart due to lack of blood supply to its arteries, it can be recovered by underloading the cholesterol intake and other heavy hody activities.


Clean Up Kidney Nefrons: The kidney can be reverse for ageing through rejuvenation of its water purification molecules i.e. nefrons. All the capilliaries of kidneyscan be cleaned through certain alternative ayurvedic, homopathic and natural medication. Simultaneously the food etc. should be aimed at not polluting but cleaning the systems.


Clean Up Lungs: The lungs have also got auto recovery in case the air inhaled is made free from impurities. The lungs have a function of absorbing oxygen from air and leaving carbon di oxyde to air, thus maintaing a proper level of blood oxygen. If the lungs surface is damaged, clogged due to infection in part of lungs, then body is not able to maintain proper suply of oxygen to blood. The lungs can be easily cleaned through alternative medication and reverse ageing process.


Control Uric Acid Content: The protein metabolism of the body depends on body activities. If the body keeps working in manual mode, i.e. body exercise the protein can be completely turned into urea, which is the final product of protein metabolism. In case the labour portion body work is very low and protein intake is high, then Uric acid being the middle product, increases in blood. This high uric acid precipitates in the idle joints / spaces in the form of needles, which punctures the muscles and creates inflamation. This uric acid also reacts with calcium and forms calcium urate and deposits between joints creating restrictions in joints, resulting in arthritis. The situation can be reversed by reducing protien intake, increasing manual activities.


Changing Lifestyle: It is every body's responsibility to understand the body mechanism so that he / she may understand the changes required in lifestyle so as to reverse ageing. All the body parts need reverse ageing process individually. The changed life style should be maintained all over the remaining life so as to achieve maximum longevity.


Reverse Ageing Group: The group activity gives a better adoptability among the willing persons to achieve longevity. Our aim is to form such a group on international level. this group will keep guiding each member on the problems and the way to tackle them with alternative medication. The persons will to be members of this group may contact Dr. SP Sharma +919818679226, email-, skype- spsharma711.     


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