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Control Body-pH  for disease free life

The pH value of any liquid indicates its acidic or alkaline nature depending on presence of hydrogen (H+) and hydroxil (OH-) ions. Pure water pH is taken as 7.0, any other material is alkaline if the pH value is more than 7.0 and acidic if less than 7.0. The pH range is measured between 1.0 which is highly acidic and 14.0 which is highly alkaline. The human blood pH varies between a very close range of 7.35-7.45, slightly alkaline. Human body is a mini power plant which is extracting energy from organic inputs through biochemical reactions. The biochemical reactions are best performed within a pH range of different liquids. The pH range for saliva is 6.5-7.5, stomach-4.0-6.5, small Intestine-7.0-8.5, colon-4.0-7.0 and urine 5.8-6.8. Basically blood pH is the ultimate criteria to be maintained under close limits so that full body reactions continue as defined. Blood pH parameter is so important that Body will die beyond the blood pH value range of 6.8-7.8.   


Symptoms of Body pH Changes

The whole body functions keep working well if blood pH remains within range of 7.35 to 7.45. If the blood pH goes below 7.35, it is called acidosis. The body gives indication of reduced digestion, acidity, migraine, vomitting sensation, headache, low body metabolism, fatigue, confusion, low body energy, low blood pressure, low body temperature, etc. This may happen due to high acidic fruits intake, stress, etc. which triggers sodium excretion from the body. The body will try to recover on its own but frequent acidosis can lead to a week body.

Similarly if the blood pH goes above 7.45, the person feels high blood pressure, reduced digestion, stomach cramps, reduced appetite, lack of carbondioxide in blood, hyperventilation, lack of oxygen, high pulse rate etc. This may happen due to excess use of antacids, diuretics, high sodium intake, excessive vomitting. If not treated properly, it may lead to coma.  


Body pH mechanism 
Our body tries to maintain blood pH at all costs by controlling various secretions as per food pH input. Like saliva controls the pH at the entry and prepares the food good for entry to stomach. The saliva range of 6.5 to 7.5 shows that mouth can produce saliva at variable range of minimum 6.5 to maximum of 7.5 so that the food Ph may be controlled at the entry of stomach which can carry the Hydrochloric acid as per requirement so as to make the pH between 4.0 to 7.0. The stomach can never have pH more than 7.0, it means it can never be alkaline. Suppose by any chance the stomach pH goes beyond 7.0, the stomach muscles shall feel cramps to excrete more HCl so as to bring pH within acceptable range. In case pH goes less than 4.0, the stomach shall stop further passage to duodenum and start reflex action to eject the acidic material through mouth in the form of vomiting. 


Food pH changes 
After the food goes to intestine it is mixed with bile and other enzymes to make it good for digestion and the digestive activities take place within the pH range of 7.0 to 8.5 in the small intestine. It shows that the material again becomes alkaline in the intestine. In case it becomes acidic, the intestine feels irritated and diarrhoea is caused. Similarly, colon pH is controlled at 4.0 to 7.0 and any variation in pH will show its effect on the colon water absorbing capacity to make semi solid stool. The urine pH is also result of blood pH because kidney directly filters blood and passes acidic matter to control pH of blood in acceptable range. 

Blood pH control 
Now think about blood Ph range of 7.35 to 7.45, it shows that it can never be acidic and slight alkaline nature is a must. To maintain blood in such a close range, urine pH is the fast method to predict the blood pH. For example if urine pH is near 5.8 or less, it shows the blood pH is near to 7.35 and similarly urine pH of 6.8 and higher will indicate a blood pH of 7.45. So urine pH can be taken as an easy parameter to indicate the body reactions and state of health. So our effort should be aimed at maintaining urine pH in the acceptable range. 

Food/ fruit controlled blood pH 
Urine pH can be maintained easily by taking variety of foods according to their pH value. If urine pH is 5.8 or below, the person should take food and fruits of higher pH value say more than 6. Similarly, if urine pH value is near 6.8 or higher, then one must take foods and fruits having lower pH say less than 5.0. the food/ fruit intake has fast and long-lasting effect on our blood pH and health. The food/ fruit control can enhance our healthy condition for a longer time and reduce ageing process speed. 

Foods/fruits pH values 
Alkaline pH 10- Alkaline ionised water, Lettuce, Spinach, Radish - recommended for Low ph/ acidity, Low blood pressure;

Alkaline pH 9- Banana, Apple, Cabbage, Carrot - recommended for Low pH/acidity, Low blood pressure

Alkaline pH 8- Egg plant, Potato, Papaya, Cucumber, Onion- recommended for Low pH / Acidity, Low Blood Pressure

Healthy body pH range 7.35 -7.45- Bean Curd Milk, Normal food

Neutral pH 7- Bread, Cheese, Beer, Pure water, Coconut water, Normal intake

Acidic pH 6- Octopus, Beef, Sugar, Pork, Eel, milk, recommended for Alkalinity, High blood pressure

Acidic pH 5- Raw salmon, Chicken, Whiskey, Rice, Tomato juice,  recommended for Alkalinity,  High blood pressure

Acidic pH 4- Persimmon, Rice wine, Caviar, Egg yoke, Orange juice, recommended for Alkalinity, High blood pressure

Acidic pH 3- Vinegar, Lemon juice, recommended for Alkalinity, High blood pressure 

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