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We have made extensive research on human body and compare it with a machine as an engineering model. All the findings have been put up in the form of books and articles.


Some of the books can be purchased on line from or The articles can be read straight from the website.

Some of the books for children can also be downloaded free.

The soft copies of books can also be purchased directly by giving a request to email:, also given in contacts.


Health Seminars

We also organise Health Seminars/ Presentations to various groups of men and women, to understand the Human Health Problems and how to maintain a good physique by treating the body with alternative medicine. People desiring seminars may please contact us.


How To Top The Crowd (for students)

Longevity Thru Biochemic Medicine by S.P.Sharma

Human Machine by Dr. Bijlani, AIIMS (recommended)

Engineering approach to human body presentation


First Aid thru Biochemic medicine

How to Control Blood Pressure

Migraine Treatment thru Biochemic Medicine


Longevity Products-

Longevity Magnetic Strap- This strap has been designed to provide pain relief by increasing blood flow through stressed extrimities. The strap can be worn on Legs, Hands & Neck. The continuous use of this strap has given following results-

1. Reduced Blood Pressure

2. Reduced ESR

3. Increased immunity through increased blood circulation all over the body.

It can be purchased by sending email at the contact page, by donating a nominal amount of Rs.500/- per piece. This will help us further research in human longevity. 

Books & Research