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Under this section we are giving alternative understanding of various diseases on engineering model and their treatment on natural and alternative medicine.




The Principle: As per biochemic theory of medicine, the human body is continuously struggling with various body destructing enemies. The body does not show any symptoms of disease till it is able to counteract the effect of various infections, viruses and bacteria. In case the body is not able to control the bad effect of the enemies it starts showing certain symptoms of defeat. If the biochemic medicine is started immediately, it enhances the immunity of the body to counter the enemies and thus it takes very short time to recover.


First Aid and Preventive Medicine:  Following medicines can be taken as first aid as soon as the symptoms of a disease start showing up. The same medicines can also be taken as preventive medicine, when the disease is seen in the neighborhood.

1. Fever- Bico-11 is the most popular medicine of fever. It can be taken for any type of fever such as viral, malaria, typhoid etc. If the fever is the result of any type of infection then additions like Calc.sulf 6X etc.can also be added.  Bico-11 is a very good preventive medicine for viral fever.

2. Indigestion- Bico –25 is the popular medicine for almost all symptoms of indigestion such as flatulence, acidity, constipation, lack of appetite, gastric pain etc.

3. Migraine- Bico-25 and Nat.Mur.6X can be taken in equal proportion (2 tabs. each) as soon as symptoms of migraine appear to start. The disease can be totally avoided if the medicine is taken for a long time. For long term treatment and avoidance of migraine please refer to seperate description. 

4. Diarrhoea- Bico-8 and Mag.phos.6X can be taken in equal proportions (2 tabs. each) as soon as the diarrhoea is confirmed. The medicine will give a quick relief but it should be taken for two-three days after the feeling of diarrhoea is totally gone so as to avoid relapse.

5. Cough and cold- Bico-6 is the popular medicine for cough and cold and it should be taken as soon as the feeling of cough starts or the throat infection is felt.

6. Asthmatic attack- Bico-2 is very good medicine for asthma and any type of spasm in the throat/ air tube. The medicine is required to be taken for a long time to avoid the disease altogether.

7. Non-healing infection- Sil6X and Cal.Sulf6X in equal proportion is the right medicine for any kind of unhealing infection. The medicine can also be taken as a preventive medicine to avoid cysts and infections on the body.

8. Toothache- Bico-23 is the best medicine for any type of toothache specially tooth pain, tooth sensitivity for hot and cold etc. the medicine is required to be taken a little longer to avoid toothache again in near future.

9. Nose discharge- Nat.Mur6X and Mag.Phos6X in equal proportion is the right medicine for watering nose, sneezing and cases of allergies.

10. Stomachache- Bico-25 (2 tab) and Mag. Phos 6X (2 tab) can be taken for cases of stomachache.


The first aid kit includes-

1. Bico-2         4. Bico-11        7. Sil6X               10. Nat.mur6X

2. Bico-6         5. Bico-23       8. Mag.phos6X

3. Bico-8         6. Bico-25       9. Calc.sulf6X


Dosage: Four tabs at a time four times a day for adults and children above 6years, two tabs at a time four times a day for children below 6years and above 2 years. One tab in a spoon full of water at a time four times a day for infants below 2 years.

The frequency of medicine can be increased to two hourly in acute cases. The medicine should be dissolved on tongue. There are no known side effects of the biochemic medicines.