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migraine-understanding & treatment

What is Migraine: Around 20% population in the world is suffering from migraine. It is not a disease but symptom of problems in gastric system. Under this disease the person feels headache all through the day, needs full rest and seclusion. Body remains cold and the patient does not like any noise pollution and he/she is not able to sleep. The relief is felt by tying head with a cloth. In severity of disease the patient feels vomiting continuously and thus creates lack of water in body. With frequent migraine onset, the person becomes very weak. If the situation doesn’t improve, it becomes a continuous and serious problem.

The Treatment so far: The doctors prescribe some antacids and pain killer for the patients. The medication gives temporary relief but the real problem in the body of the patient continues to aggravate. Some doctors prescribe CT scan of brain to find out if some tumor or lesions are there in the brain cells. But most of the patients remain under migraine problems and doctors ask them to bear with the pain and learn to live with the situation, take pain killers if needed. Frequent use of pain killers creates Bone marrow depression resulting in Hypo plastic anemia, a form of blood cancer.

Understanding Migraine: The migraine pain is caused by increased Hydrochloric acid (HCl) content in blood reducing its Ph value. There are some triggers to excrete sodium from the body which causes increase in HCl content in blood and reduces Ph value. The triggers may be in food taken a day before like citrus fruits such as lemon, orange and mangoes, etc. or acetic acid and alcohol. Some non-food triggers also play a role in migraine such as uncomfortable life style, very hot or very cold environment, stressful situation, lack of sleep etc. The pain in head is not a disease but body protection mechanism to make the patient aware so as to come out of the uncomfortable position.

The Alternative & Permanent Treatment: The Author happened to be a migraine patient some 30 years ago and could not get a permanent treatment. So he himself started research on the disease and got a permanent solution. For last 25 years he has not wasted a single hour under migraine pain because he himself comes to know about the onset of migraine and treats in no time by using some natural inputs. He also treated some 100 patients for this disease and they are now free from Migraine. The writer has treated many patients of migraine by making them aware about the mechanism of migraine onset. The patients can predict onset of migraine well in advance so that preventive care may be taken and severity can be avoided. The treatment lies in increasing Ph value of Blood by taking alkaline inputs to absorb extra acid in stomach. In case of severity of migraine with vomit sensation, the acid can be taken out of stomach by taking lot of water and initiating vomiting number of times till all acid is taken out of stomach. Later alkaline fruits can be taken to neutralize further excretion of HCl in stomach. The normalization of body functions should not take more than an hour with this treatment method, with no side effects at all. Sometimes migraine is associated with peptic ulcer, the situation can be treated in the same manner with certain precautions for avoiding acidic inputs for a period till ulcer is fully cured. It may take one or two months depending on the severity of ulcer or damage done to stomach wall.

Benefit of Alternative medication: The alternative treatment shall be very much useful to a developing country like India, because 20% population almost 200 million people are affected in India alone. There is lot of expenditure on such patients just for medication and examination. Also number of man/woman hours are lost due to migraine. Most of women are undernourished due to this problem. With this treatment, lot of money shall be saved on medication and also incident of cancer is likely to be reduced. Even if Rs.1000/- is saved for every patient, around Rs.200 billion (INR 20,000 Cr.) will be saved in a year in India alone.

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