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Parkinsonism-understanding & treatment

Etiology: As per allopathic medical research, the Parkinson disease is caused by presence of a bacteria or lack of neuron control in the brain. But the biochemic medical system describes it as a condition of resonance between the natural frequency of the limbs-skeleton and the frequency of body operation. Our body working frequency is dependant on heart pulse which may vary between 1.2 Hz to 2 Hz equivalent to heart rate of 72 to 120 per min. The human skeleton may have natural frequency between 2 to 10 Hz depending on muscle strength. The muscle strength reduces on consumption of alcohol and pain killers and thus reduces the natural skeleton frequency. Similarly the muscle exercise, yoga and body building inputs inclease muscle strength and increase the body natural frequency. The parkinsionism is experienced when the natural body skeleton frequency comes in the range of 1 to 2 times the working frequency creating resonance in the form of involuntary movements. Muscles may also become loose due to various problems such as lack of blood circulation, lack of calcium, fluoride and magnesium in the muscle tissues, lack of exercise, intake of other anesthetic drugs, due to diabetes, due to high blockage of arteries and lack of confidence. Some times it may be due to side effects of allopathic medicine to control blood pressure, diabetes, headache, migraine etc.


Treatment: The treatment of Parkinsonism lies in proper diagnosis of the problem through blood test, such as Hb, TLC, DLC, ESR, blood pressure, blood glucose, lipid profile and any other test which may be required necessary. Bico-24, 4 tab 4 times a day may be the basic medicine along with any other medicine which may be necessary as per the blood report and symptoms.


Naturopathy: Yoga and mild exercises to rebuild muscle strength and other natural inputs to increase blood circulation all through the extrimities will curing the problem permanently.


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