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Sexual Problems-understanding & treatment

Sexual Problems: Normally sexual activity is a child's game but sometimes it becomes difficult to perform in a satisfactory way. The sex drive is the basic force behind the full body excitement. The level of testosterone hormone in males and estrogen hormone in females make them attract to each other. If the level of these hormones is less, then the males and the females shows least interest towards opposite sex. The testosterone hormone is produced in male testes whereas ovaries produce estrogen hormone in females.    

Various Sexual Problems: The sexual problems can be psychological and/ or physical. Basically the sex hormones viz. testosterone and estrogen affect the brain activity which in turn makes the body organs move and perform. Therefore sexual problems can be due to brain concentration towards sex. Too much sex concentration can also create problems such as sexual madness, unbalanced activity, rape tendency etc. Too less concentration can create erectile dysfunction, sex avoidance, running away from partner, lack of confidence, etc. The physical sexual problems can be due to over sensivity of organs, lower blood circulation in pubic area, etching, infection etc. 

Understanding Sex: The Sex is a procedure created by god to reproduce similar species and maintain continuity of life on earth. The sexual activity should be performed in a very regulated way so that not to cause harm to the partner and it should be an activity for mutual pleasure. This should be performed with full concentration in a very conducive environment and with an aim either to reproduce or purely for pleasure.

Erectile Dysfunction:  The erectyle dysfunction (ED) is the problem faced by the males. In this problem, the male does not get the required penis erection/ strength to perform sex. This may be a physical problem largely due to low level of testosterone, diabetes, low blood circulation through private parts, it may be due to side effects of the pain killers or side effect of the medicine for high BP, etc. The other problem may be psychological such as too much stress, mind not concentrated towards sex, not getting proper loving attention from partner, there may be fear of non-performance/ rejection. So the person should get over such problems either with counseling or by assurance from partner or by himself. The physical problems can be overcome by taking certain medication. The blood circulation can be increased by oil massaging, fore play with the partner, etc. Playing with each other's body may also help in reducing the ED problem. The males should avoid tight clothing so that testicles may hang freely. The testicles maintain certain temperature to be fully functional. They produce sperms and also testosterone harmone. If the sperms are not ejaculated in regular period, they tend to destroy in the way to prostate and later sperm production is stopped, also the tesosterone production is lower, giving lesser possibility of erection further. Therfore if regular discharge of semen with sperms takes place, new sperms are formed along with increased testosterone hormone. The testosterone hormone may be as high as 900 ng/dl in boys of 18 years and low of 100 ng/dl at the age of 90 years. The good erection is felt if testosterone level remains above 300 ng/dl, which can be increased by massaging the testicle area by mustard oil to increase blood circulation.

Premature Ejeculation: Normally the ejaculation should be timed such that the partner also feels orgasm at the same time, but many a times male are not able to control ejaculation and it takes place within seconds or minutes of entering the female. In such case the female may remains unsatisfied. The Pre-mature ejaculation is mainly due to high sensivity of penis or anxiety of brain. High sensivity of penis can be reduced by stopping the movement and keeping idle for some time during intercourse activity. While brain anxiety can be reduced by diverting attention to some office work or some other problems. Mind can be controlled back at the opportune time when the partner is also feeling orgasm and simultaneous ejaculation can be timed. 

Masturbation: Masturbation by a male or a female is not a disease, rather it is a very healthy practice to control anxiety of oneself. It helps one person to avoid any harm to opposite sex, in case he or she is not willing to involve. This is a good health exercise that increases blood circulation all through the body and also keeping heart in healthy mode. There is no loss of preciuos semen, as many people say, rather the alkaline semen if remains in prostate can damage and enlarge it. Accumulation of alkaline semen in prostate can also create prostate cancer. There is a reduced chances of prostate cancer in masterbating people. Masterbation 2 to 3 times a week is very good for sexual health. It also keeps throwing out the old sperms which could otherwise die after 5 days of formation in testes and result in blockage of vas deference, leading to stoppage of further testes activity and reduce formtion of testosterone hormone in males. In females masturbation helps in blood circulation in whole body, overall generation of oxytocin and happy mood. It also helps in excretion of alkaline fluid in vegina which neutralises the acidic matter accumulated at cervix, thus reduces chances of cervical infection/ cancer.    

The Alternative Medical Treatment: The sexual problems can be easily treated by taking alternative medicine to correct the physical deficiencies. The other treatments shall be specific to disease or problems faced during actual sexual activities. The sensitivity of reproductive organs can be reduced by allowing each partner to play with other for some time. Any physical problem can be discussed between the partners and solved upto each other's satisfaction. A suitable alternative medicine can also be prescribed if necessary.  


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