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Sexual Problems-understanding & treatment

Sexual Problems: Normally sexual activity is a child's game but sometimes it becomes difficult to perform in a satisfactory way. The sex drive is the basic force behind the full body excitement. The level of testosterone hormone in males and estrogen hormone in females make them attract to each other. If the level of these hormones is less, then the males and the females shows least interest towards opposite sex. The testosterone hormone is produced in male testes whereas ovaries produce estrogen hormone in females.    

Various Sexual Problems: The sexual problems can be psychological and/ or physical. Basically the sex hormones viz. testosterone and estrogen affect the brain activity which in turn makes the body organs move and perform. Therefore sexual problems can be due to brain concentration towards sex. Too much sex concentration can also create problems such as sexual madness, unbalanced activity, rape tendency etc. Too less concentration can create erectile dysfunction, sex avoidance, running away from partner, lack of confidence, etc. The physical sexual problems can be due to over sensivity of organs, lower blood circulation in pubic area, etching, infection etc. 

Understanding Sex: The Sex is a procedure created by god to reproduce similar species and maintain continuity of life on earth. The sexual activity should be performed in a very regulated way so that not to cause harm to the partner and it should be an activity for mutual pleasure. This should be performed with full concentration in a very conducive environment and with an aim either to reproduce or purely for pleasure.

The Alternative Medical Treatment: The sexual problems can be easily treated by taking alternative medicine to correct the physical deficiencies. The self stimulation (also called masterbation) is a very good alternative to control own anxiety and unnecessary excitement and to avoid crime against opposite sex. The masterbation can be performed by both sexes in their own way but keeping in mind not to harm the private parts. The other treatments shall be specific to disease or problems faced during actual sexual activities. The sensitivity of reproductive organs can be reduced by allowing each partner to play with other for some time. Any physical problem can be discussed between the partners and solved upto each other's satisfaction. A suitable alternative medicine can also be prescribed if necessary.  

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