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What is Circumcision– 

Male Circumcision is a custom in many countries and many religions under which the male child’s penis is surgically operated to remove the foreskin. The child is operated when he is barely 2-3 months old and does not know what is happening to his body. It is a very painful operation and may take 4 months to fully cure the penis and pain to reduce. The operational pain may leave an everlasting stigma in the mind of the child and it is totally barbaric to subject the child to such an unnatural pain. Being in lower age, no body bothers to take consent of child and only parents or grand parents take such a decision.

Female Circumcision also called Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is the removal or mutilation of female genitalia (clitoris) by sergicul operation. The female genitalia is the source of enjoyment during cohabitaion and therefore some religions and tribals do not allow the females to indulge in sex just for enjoyment but only for reproduction. The female circumcision is carried out in the age of 4-5 years of age and that too without the consent of child.


male circumcision
female circumcision


For Men- The natural foreskin provides a cover to the sensitive penis head and does not expose to the harsh realities of dusty, scratchy clothes. When it is open during mating, it provides 3-4 inches of lubricated penile surface good for pain free entry. Also the fore-skin covers it just after it is out in open and saves it from being in contact with other scratchy material surfaces. The male also feels extreme enjoyment and satisfaction. However ejaculation time can be regulated by practicing mind diverting techniques. Some people say there are benefits of circumcision like resistant to penile infections and other diseases, but these results are not established, as Hindus donot practice circumcision and such diseases are not very common in Hindus. Even Hindu Saints have shown their life span to be as long as 400 years. The right way of saving oneself from various sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is to have limited number of partners and avoidance of casual sex. The penile hygiene can be maintained just by cleaning the underskin once a day while taking bath. Some countries have made it illegal as per law, but still around 60% of population is continuing this practice all over the world.

For Women- The cutting or mutilation of female genitalia is a crime on femininity. Everyone in this world is born to live and enjoy the existance of nature. The human beings have become social animals just due to all natural instincts. Some tribal customs have later developed to force their beliefs on people under them. Hindu religion being very old, allows all the liberty to men and women to live together and make a family. Therefore changing the natural form of human body is not a good practice and should be banned by all countries. Recently some of the countries have made a law to ban this practice but still some societies are following it.


For Men- The natural foreskin being absent, exposes the penis head to the harsh realities of clothes surface and dirty environment. The penis head layer becomes hard and also less sensitive in comparision to the natural form. Sometimes the slight touch of harsh cloth may prompt unwanted erection in public places. The unnaturally hard skin layer of penis head may reduce the enjoyment level of both boy and girl. The penis head which is the main rubbing surface during mating, may create unnecessary scratches by clothes when it becomes soft temporarily due to love juices. This situation may create problems in maintaining hygiene. As per suvey, the circumcised men always feel as if they are missing something. From disease point of view the uncircumcised males are more secure than the circumcised males. The circumcised male has a feeling of lack of enjoyment and tries to seek variety of females as is common to animals. Whereas the natural male can be satisfied with one female only, due to extreme pleasure he feels every time with the same female. A Hindu Saint Vatsayan has written a book Kamsutra to tell the world to enjoy a single female in 84 Asanas, means same woman in 84 positions. Thus the uncircumcised / natural males are normally satisfied with a single woman and do not require multiple partners. This habit also makes it free from any sexually transmitted diseases as prevalant in circumcised males.

For Women- The natural arousal is absent in the circumcised females due to mutilation of clitoris having a concentration of nerves at a single place. The hormone level variation only gives its effect on brain when the female seeks a male. Humans being highest animal, the nature has provided a possibility of artificial arousal by hand and other means to have cohabitation as and when situation permits. This phenomeon makes a woman different from other female animals. By circumcising, the woman loses her arousability and becomes similar to an animal. Therefore this practice is totally inhuman and should be banned at all costs.

Some parents are allowing this to happen just because they were themselves forced to go through this trauma. Now is the time, the young Mothers have to take this fight against the menace of giving unnecessary pain to their new-borns, boys and girls who have not known benefits of various parts of the body gifted by nature. If at all they wish to go for such an operation, there should be a fixed age of consent for children say 15 years or so, when they start feeling the importance of their genitals and can take a proper decision.

We have formed a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) to fight this problem in the international forums such as International Court of Justice (ICJ) and also to persuade all the practitioner societies/ groups to abandon this unnatural practice. People interested to join us in this effort please contact us to volunteer in the service of the humankind.