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Naturopathy, Yoga & Long Stay Homes (NYLSH)

             The Naturopathy Yoga & Long Stay Homes (NYLSH, Longevity Homes or old age home) is an initiative to house people on short stay and lifelong stay basis who wish to achieve longevity in natural environment. The metro cities of today have become so crowded that the air, water and food are all polluted beyond acceptable limits. There is no compulsion for aged people to stay in cities as they have already enjoyed glamorous life in big cities and now they want a peaceful and pure environs of nature with cheapest cost of living and organic foods. The natural life shall ensure longevity to aged people, to achieve as high as 400 years, recently achieved by Devraha baba. The Long Stay Homes shall also serve as Vikalp Hospital for the inhabitants who fall ill during stay or come to stay for recovery from sickness. The patients shall be treated with all types of alternative methods of medical systems, so that to get fast recovery and also remain healthy for a long time without any medicine support.

             The patients shall also be trained about the knowledge of human body and how to keep it fit in the long run. For the patients who have acute problems, they will be shifted to nearby hospitals or Delhi/NCR hospitals where they can get the normal treatment with their personal expenses. As per survey, 90% of diseases are minor problems which if treated in time through alternative medical systems, can get fully cured and body remains healthy for a long time. The Long Stay Homes Project is underway to house 200 old age couples / singles, on pre-booked basis, for lifelong stay for husband and wife or singles, with one time refundable deposit. The Center shall have all the facilities of day and night care along with light social engagement just to keep them feeling useful to the society. The facility shall include swimming pool, library, yoga, cultural rooms etc. to feel the lively environment. Innovative activities like making of TV serials on social issues, shall also be planned involving inmates. The food shall also be organically grown in local area. The project is located near Anoopshahr city of Distt Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh state of India, on the banks of holy river Ganga. We are also exploring Long Stay Homes in other areas of Indian States for making a chain of old age homes across the country. We invite the enterpreneurs to build and link the projects with Long Stay Homes for exchange of inmates for betterment of life of old age people. 

           The Project is based on self financing model with zero load on Govt. Funds, with the motive of social service and no profit no loss basis. The Ground floor of the building shall be utilized to generate revenue for the project. Some of the revenue generating activities may be fruits & vegetable storage, New Technology development, Vocational Training of students, renting of available resources, etc.  

MEMBERSHIP: Following types of memberships are available for persons willing to achieve painless and enjoyable longevity-

1. Remote Consultancy Membership- Monthly membership of Rs.100/family or Annual membership Rs.1000/- (USD 20) per family for consultancy on all diseases for treatment through alternative medicine. The consultancy can also be provided through video-conferencing on mutually convenient timings.

2. Long Stay Homes Membership A- One time refundable deposit of Rs.1 Lac (USD1,500) for securing a place in Longevity Homes on Daily/monthly payment for stay and food as per rates in force for the time of stay. 

3. Long Stay Homes Membership B- One time refundable deposit of Rs.5 Lacs (USD7,500) for securing a room in Longevity Homes for total 60 days every year for life of couple/ singles with free boarding and lodging. The persons who wish to visit Longevity Homes on weekends and for particular treatment may take this type of membership. 

4. Long Stay Homes Membership C- One time refundable deposit of Rs.10 Lacs (USD15,000) for securing a room in Longevity Homes for whole of year for life of couple/ singles. They will have to pay for electricity, food and room maintenance charges for the period of stay. The persons who wish to make it as an alternative picnic home may like to take this membership. 

5. Long Stay Homes Membership D– One time refundable deposit of Rs.20 Lacs (USD30,000) for securing a dedicated room in Longevity Homes for whole year for life of couple/ singles with free boarding and lodging. The persons who wish to make it as an alternative regular home may like to take this membership.

Please Note- All the deposits shall have a lock-in period of three years. Also the deposits are refundable in case the alternate member is available to join the group. 

Eligibility: Normally there is no restriction of age but persons of age more than 50 years shall be given preference. People of any age can become members by contributing the deposits to be part of long stay homes any time as per their health requirement to ensure longevity in the long run. Members from all the religions/ castes/ races/ languages/ countries are equally welcome. All the inmates shall be trained to speak Hindi/ English for proper mixing and social integration in long stay homes.