Self Help Training

On Line/Distance Or In- Person

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Engineering medicine (EM) is a new way of understanding the human body functions and their troubles. Engineering medicine helps us to analyse body sickness as a problem of various systems of the body working and energy generation. We help individuals to understand the basics of human body and various blood parameters required to control in the blood & urine, so as to ensure longevity. The syllabus of training shall be as follows-


1. Engineering Medicine Approach to Human Health

2. Need for Longevity

3. Various systems of medicine and preventive medicine

4. Various Systems of Human Body

5. Pathological Tests, BP Measurement, pH Measurement, Oxygen Measurement

6. Diagnostic Techniques

7. General Diseases on Engineering Model and Treatment

8. Preventive measures to avoid diseases for Longevity

9. De-addiction measures from bad habits

10. Few case studies

Training Material in the form of books shall be given on-line/ through email.

Training Duration: one month, 1 hour each day, on-line or in-person 

Training fee: INR 1000/- ( $50)

A certificate shall be issued to the participants for training in self- help for longevity. The participants are automatically enrolled for free consultation for any doubts and treatment of their family for a period of one year from the date of enrollment in self help training.